BritROK is a UK website focused on highlighting independent music, arts and culture from South Korea. Our aim is to provide knowledgeable, music-heavy content that showcases the talent and dedication of independent artists; without having to use Kpop as an introduction.

Since the creation of the UK’s leading Kpop news website (UnitedKpop) six years ago, the BritROK team has covered the growing number of Korean independent artists playing shows in the United Kingdom.

As the name suggests BritROK wishes to bring together the indie scenes in Britain and the Republic of Korea. Each year we cover festivals such as Liverpool Sound City to help showcase a handful of impressive artists from both countries.

Affiliation with UnitedKpop
UnitedKpop is the UK’s leading source for Kpop news and Korean culture content.

Though now independent from UnitedKpop, BritROK shares informed independent music content with UnitedKpop to widen exposure for lesser known Korean musicians.