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  • Askywalker

    thanks for this
    i was curious about him

    • You’re welcome! He’s actually done LOADS since I wrote this last year. Hanhae’s Man of the Year, stuff with Monsta X, AOA, Infinite H – he’s one of my favourite producers because he’s so adaptable to different sounds

      • Askywalker

        thank you for letting me know 😀 really? he did hanhae’s man of the year? i love that jam >M< i noticed him since im interested in MX's music — and i saw him listed as one of the producers :O very interesting name… i thought.
        do u happen to know why his name is called "assbrass"

        • I often listen to the Kpop stuff he produces just because his name is on it. Like the VIXX LR subunit! He did do Hanhae’s Man of the Year, I love that track too.
          I actually don’t know why he’s called Assbrass, One of Verbal Jint’s tracks (Luv Songs with C-Luv) starts with ‘This is another ASSBRASS production’ and each time I hear it I wonder why he chose that name!
          But a lot of producers have obscure handles they kept from DJing when they were younger, maybe it’s the same with him

          • Askywalker

            Wow, he produces for various artists. I thought he only produced exclusively for Brand New — and Starship Ent. since they have some special relationship with Brand New/Just Music.
            LOL It’s a very interesting stage name 😛
            thanks for letting me know >M<
            What are some of your other fav. songs produced by him?

          • He’s got a good reputation, especially as BrandNew top all the real time charts with most of their releases – and he produced the BrandNew hip hop stage at the 2013 SBS Gayo Daejun, it was one of the most talked about end of year stages that year
            At lot of my favourite things by him are BrandNew things as they’re one of my favourite companies.
            I love pretty much everything he’s done with Verbal Jint, for his collab album with Sanchez he produced Doin It and Good Time – they’re so good!
            For the Night by As One; Break Up Dinner by San E and Sanchez; Beautiful Liar by VIXX L&R is great too!

          • Askywalker

            I really love his productions >M<
            Agreed, love those songs with VJ and Sanchez — I didn't know assbrass produced them? :O
            thank you for the recommendations ^^
            btw, do you watch unpretty rapstar — he coproduced one of the tracks with YDG. Have you heard it? – it features KittiB and Microdot, i think it's really good as well~

          • The Gayo stage was great, and the lyrics VJ and San wrote for it are so clever. (I promise BrandNew don’t pay me to promote them haha)
            Yeah, I think the rest of the tracks were produced by VJ but Assbrass worked on those two. I’ve still not stopped listening to that EP.
            I don’t watch Unpretty Rapstar but I have been checking out the tracks when they come out. I love San but he makes me cringe as the emcee for that show – plus the girl who is pretty much pretending to be Tasha drives me mad.