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Alternate Listening Tuesday takes us back to rock music, though previous indie rock ALT artist Jaurim are tame in comparison to the group we have for you today.

As the act awarded the government-sponsored Hello Rookie prize for most promising young act of 2009 and Rookie of the Year at the Korean Music Awards 2010 it was inevitable this trio of rockers would climb to the top of their game.

Apollo 18

Apollo 18 are a post-hardcore group from the suburbs of Seoul that have been together for over five years now. The group consist of guitarist and vocalist Hyunseok Choi, bassist and vocalist Daeinn Kim, and drummer Sangyun Lee.

Their discography consists of three EPs, an expanded version of their debut EP, and a full length album, all named for colours (Red, Blue, Violet and Black).

The group have spent a lot of their year playing festivals, including Korea Rocks, a showcase that brought four of South Korea’s best rock bands to a number of locations here to the UK. We were able to interview Apollo 18, and attend one of the gigs in Manchester to find out just what Korean rock has to offer, and Apollo 18 don’t disappoint. They are arguable better live, bringing even more energy to their stage, give any hardcore rock music fan some Apollo 18 and they should find something to like.

Between playing festivals Apollo 18 created their most recent music video.

Spontaneous Human Combustion

Spontaneous Human Combustion was part of Hyundai Music Card’s Artist Zoom-in series, Hyundai Card being the company that organised Korea Rocks. The series produced project mvs that brought together indie musicians with creators of culture. The culture creator teamed with Apollo 18 for this mv was Jeff&OJA Film.

The mv


Spontaneous Human Combustion has a strong black and white colour scheme and a negative alternative to compliment the forceful sound the band brings.
The monstrous illustration, by Jeff&OJA, hanging as the backdrop to the group’s performance matches the screaming, growling sounds of Hyunseok and Daeinn and the accompanying thrashing soundtrack.
Still in the monochrome palette we see the performance through flame graphics, emphasising the idea of spontaneous combustion.
The filming and cuts are frantic to fit the music, everything is seamless.

Where else can you find Apollo 18?

  • Their mv for Iridescent Clouds encapsulates their energy when playing live
  • For past performances of Orbis in Korea Apollo 18 have been joined on stage by a belly dancer to recreate the feel of the mv


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