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Alternate Listening Tuesday this week takes a look at a fairly new electronic music act. Having only hit the scene in February this year this in-your-face duo, and their production team, have already released 4 singles and an EP.

Secret Agent Sound

Secret Agent Sound or S.A.S consist of the two Secret Agents, Naji and Gan-z and their more behind-the-scenes producers RIDEMAN and DJYAME (Jung Yeon Taek).

Left: Naji – Right: Gan-z

Their most recent release came just two weeks ago.

Sexy Casanova

Described as an addictive and exciting song, Sexy Casanova was produced by Agent collaborator DJYAME. The track employs lots of repetition in all of its lyrical structure to add to the addictive and catchy rhythm that the beat gives.
The beats, as expected from an electronic group, are the kind of pulsating and digital sounding notes you’d hope to hear. This is all on top of rhythmic drums, a basis for many tracks of the genre, though more than likely not a drum kit in sight, these guys will be masters of the percussion effects pad.

What was the mv like?



Agent Gan-z has transformed himself into the song’s Sexy Casanova for the mv, and for a lot of it you can find him parading around the city in a white tank top, yellow shorts, shades, a pair Jeremy Scott P-Sole “Leopard” Adidas Originals, and an elaborately embroidered ‘Sexy Casanova’ robe.

photo: Sexy Casanova mv

‘Casanova’ is a term that has long been associated with ideas of promiscuous men, shameless in their seduction of women. Casanova, and similarly Don Juan, are despite these things, seen as very desirable.
The term Casanova in fact comes from a real man. Gicacomo Girolamo Casanova was an Italian man who spent much of his life travelling and writing during the 18th Century. Given what the term ‘Casanova’ now means you don’t need me to explain what his travels entailed. His memoirs reference encounters with over 120 females, and imply the same of several males too.

How well does Gan-z do at playing Casanova? Shameless is the right word for the agent as he works his way through women. They fawn after him and he has them walk his dog, tie his shoes, even carry him piggyback. In return they get little attention from him as his only aim is to exploit them for their love, their ‘sexy’ and their money.

So Gan-z gets what he deserves in the end as all of the Sexy Casanova’s ladies come to their senses.


Where else can you find S.A.S?

  • How about their debut release Like It?
  • Or enter their very own video game world for SAS Make Power
  • And if you were wondering if their unusual style was just contained in their mvs, nope! Gan-z youtube channel, linked below, has ‘GAN*Z SHOW‘ though it is in Korean, and gems like himself and Naji running around and dancing to Maroon 5’s Lucky Strike




What do you think of this track and its mv? Did you love it or hate it let us know! 
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