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Galaxy Express are no strangers to UnitedKpop. We’ve interviewed them, reviewed albums, even seen them play live; but we thought it was about time they stepped into our Indie Spotlight. 

If you’re not as familiar with the indie group here’s a quick catch up:
Galaxy Express are a garage rock trio, whose explosive sound blends garage, punk and psychedelia. They aren’t far off their tenth anniversary, and since 2006 they group have toured the world, won awards, and released a whole host of albums and EPs.

L-R: Drummer Heekwon Kim; Bass player & vocalist Juhyun Lee; Lead vocalist & guitarist Jonghyun Park

L-R: Drummer Heekwon Kim; Bass player & vocalist Juhyun Lee; Lead vocalist & guitarist Jonghyun Park

They recently released their fourth full length album Walking On Empty. It’s an album we love, and still have on repeat three months later!

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For those that may not be familiar with Galaxy Express, how would you describe your group and your music?

Heekwon: We’re a rock band. Maybe our music could be described as psychedelic punk? I’m not good with genres. We’re just guys who play rock music.
Jonghyun: Yeah, we’re a rock ‘n’ roll three piece from Seoul, Korea.

It’s hard to believe it has been two years since we spoke to you ahead of your UK tour! Do you have any fond memories from that tour?

Heekwon: That tour was good. I ate fish and chips and it was really delicious. On that tour, there were four Korean bands riding together on the same bus. And we all had the chance to record at Air Studios in London, which was a cool experience. During one of our shows in Liverpool, all four of the acts landed up jamming together. It was completely unplanned and actually happened accidentally, but it was really fun.
Jonghyun: I remember the weather being great and the beer being delicious!

Tell us a little about your new album Walking On Empty, what should we expect from Galaxy Express on this album?

Juhyun: Walking on Empty is our fourth full-length album. We’re really happy with how it turned out. We tried some different things with this album and the songs on it are more relaxed. The playing is really strong and the recording sounds great.
Jonghyun: We spent a lot more time making this album than we did our previous offerings. I think we have a deeper and more varied sound on this album.

You even have a Do-It-Yourself attitude towards your album art – and you have some impressive album art. With streaming and digital downloads now dominating how important do you think album art is? [Bass player Juhyun is also the group’s designer]

Juhyun: I think we all prefer physical releases because of things like the album art. I like something that I can touch and hold like a CD or a record. When I can touch something, I feel like it really exists. Some may say that it’s not necessary to make CDs anymore, but I think it’s better to make CDs or records than just digital downloads.

Photo: Galaxy Express @ Facebook

You have to see some bands play live to fully appreciate them and Galaxy Express are one of them. How would you describe a Galaxy Express gig?

Juhyun: We play with a lot of energy and passion. We try to focus on every moment during our live shows and want to enjoy all of these great moments with people at the gigs. We have a lot of fun while playing and hope the audience has a great time too.
Jonghyun: We like to get wild at our concerts and hope others will do the same. Don’t worry about being cool or pretty. Dance, jump, scream, and go crazy with us!

I recently discovered you also play acoustic sets, via your feature on Naver Onstage. Would you ever consider stripping down your sound for a Nirvana-esque Unplugged album?

Juhyun: Yes, that’s something I’ve thought about doing. I like the mood of acoustic sets.
Jonghyun: We have no plans of doing that right now but maybe we will in the future? I think our unplugged sound is more raw.

You’ve opened for the likes of Thee Oh Sees and Linkin Park. Tables turned, who would be the dream artists to open a Galaxy Express gig?

Juhyun: It would be fun for Michael Jackson to come back from the dead to open for us.
Jonghyun: AC/DC

Why would you suggest the readers of UnitedKpop check out your music?

Heekwon: Just listen to it and you’ll find out for yourself.
Juhyun: I’ve been a huge music fan since I was a child. As a music lover, I think our new Walking on Empty album is really cool and a great listen. Please check it out. I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.

Let us know in the comment section below if you’re a fan of Galaxy Express, maybe this interview has inspired you to listen to their music!

You can sample and purchase music by Galaxy Express via iTunes and BandCamp.


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