[L-R: Alan, J-one, Vin, Yoon Kim, AZ]

Group Name: Novadox (노바독스)
Active Since: June 2016, debut March 2017
Members: Vocals – Vin (빈), Guitar – AZ, Guitar – Alan (앨런), Bass – Yoon Kim (윤 킴), Drum – J-one (제이원)
Label: Amuse Korea, NX Entertainment
Genre: Kpop, Rock, Metal

Novadox base their sound on the more popular style of Kpop and pop-rock, and infuse that with heavier elements of rock and metal.

Though the band has only been together since mid-2016, many of the members have been part of the South Korean and Japanese indie scenes since the 90s. Their backgrounds include Jang Ho-il’s ‘EZEN’, ‘LUGNASAD’, and Japanese group ‘G.O.D.(Guitarists on Demand)’.

Novadox combine their diverse backgrounds to create music reminiscent of those roots, while aware of current trends.

The band released their first mini album, Escapism, on March 22nd, alongside a music video for title track Alone.

Alone sounds reminiscent of American emo groups of the noughties, such as ‘All American Rejects’ and ‘Simple Plan’, if their songs had been presented by Japanese Visual Kei groups like ‘Gazette’.
A comparison further solidified by the anime-esque look of some of Novadox.



Escapism is currently only available via Korean music portals. 
Purchase Escapism:  MELON | BUGS | MNET | NAVER | GENIE | OLLEH



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