Korean R&B singer teams up with independent UK videographers


Singer-songwriter DAZE has released the first cut of his music video for ‘Friday’. 

The music video focuses on DAZE as he wanders around London thinking back to memories of lost love.

The music video was filmed in February by the UK-based independent videographers at SPRY Productions.
The above original cut is by DAZE’s management, though the SPRY Director’s cut (below) shows off the full potential of SPRY, showing their ability to create engaging visuals on an ‘indie’ budget.

As mainstream Korean artists continue to follow visual trends that attempt to make them appear alternative and edgy, productions stemming from artists living the reality of being the alternative are refreshing and speak for themselves.


Musicians looking to work with SPRY can visit their website or Facebook page for more information. Emails to BritROK with the subject SPRY will be forwarded directly to the team.



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