Love X Stereo releases ‘Zero One’


Love X Stereo have dropped their latest single, ‘Zero One’. The new track is for the official soundtrack to Nick Neon’s new film of the same name. 

Nick Neon, a Korean American filmmaker currently living in NYC, directed the music video, including scenes from the new movie he is currently touring film festivals with. Annie and Toby of Love X Stereo are extremely proud of his work and their tribute to his movie for the soundtrack.

The electronic style and Annie’s haunting vocals lend beautifully to the film’s narrative. ‘Zero One’ takes places one month after ‘Ultra Bleu’, Neon’s 2016 short that received two Audience Choice Awards and an honourable mention for Best Short Film on the festival circuit.


Well, more like 2014. I was living in Seoul, I was deeply in love with this French dude. And then he left me, so I Adele’d his ass by writing a movie about the hurricane feelings behind the break up (it’s okay, we’re cool now. I guess).

This would eventually become my short film, ULTRA BLEU (2016): A love letter to my 20’s. A big ‘Fxck you’ + ‘I love you’ to my own coming of age. And a promise to my younger self that we won’t always be 20something + lost.

Zero One Kickstarter

Jimmy Park, played by Nick, visits home for the first time in four years as he questions the choices he has made in life.

Both his dysfunctional family and his own generation’s inability to foster intimacy only serve to further his sense of disconnect.

Feeling like everyone around him is breezing through life and he somehow missed the train, his mounting frustrations finally culminate in an explosive New Year’s Eve dinner with his father and homophobic sister, Claire.

However, ZERO ONE, ultimately ends on a bittersweet note of hope, redemption and rebirth when Jim finds an old dream packed away in his childhood room.

All futures lead us home.

Zero One Kickstarter

Immersed in a country where the entertainment industry still shies away from queer representation, Love X Stereo make a bold statement of diversity and acceptance in working on the ‘Zero One’ Soundtrack – further confirming that the indie music scene in South Korea is far more open-minded than it’s popular counterpart, Kpop.

The single is available to purchase or stream on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, Deezer, etc and will begin tv play on MTV Asia on Monday.



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