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Manju Pocket, a three-piece Korean band consisting Yongsu Choi (Cajon, Guitar), Manju (Vocal, Percussion) and Junhee Han (Keyboard), is going to perform in China from Feb. 23rd to Feb. 27th, following their tour of Japan last October.  

On the 24th, they will play Yuyintang, one of the oldest music venues in Shanghai, with Galēən, a duo of American brothers creating dark folk rock, four-piece band Limousine (Canada, United States, Scotland, France) and Dahlia Rosea (China), the hero of the shoegazer style of music in Shanghai. 

Manju Pocket will also perform at Harley’s Underground on the 25th. This show should not be missed, as musicians from different bands have prepared a special stage together as a way of welcoming Manju Pocket.

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Yongsu Choi (Left), Junhee Han (Center), Manju (Right) Image Credit: Manju Pocket

Manju Pocket have said of the tour:

As our songs were well received in Japan, we became interested in performing in more countries as much as possible. Among so many countries in the world, we determined to visit China, especially Shanghai, where we always have been curious about.

Manju Pocket recently partnered with 3H Media, one of Korea’s multi-channel network companies targeting Chinese-speaking countries, and are about to share performances of famous Chinese songs in their own style via Meipai. It looks like their Shanghai tour will kick off their entrance to the Chinese music market.

Since their formation in 2013, Manju Pocket have performed live in numerous clubs all across Korea, making fans laugh and cry with their music. They have gained popularity thanks to their witty, extremely real and empathetic lyrics, as well as their wide spectrum of genres, from rock and roll to the blues.

Not only have they worked on theme songs for podcasts, webtoons, and social projects, they have also released 14 albums, including their first full-length album, “Night Walk”. Their second full-length album will be released in the middle of this year.

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