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The final lineup for Hongae’s Zandari Festa is finally here, and it looks to be packed full of great artists.

The annual event takes place in Seoul’s Hongdae area, the epicentre of youth culture in South Korea and ground zero for the country’s indie music scene. Each Autumn, Zandari Festa brings together acts and music industry professionals from around the world for concerts and conferences at a number of unique venues around Hongdae. One wristband allows festival-goers access to all of Zandari Festa’s shows.

Additions listed separately at the bottom of the article

Additions listed separately at the bottom of the article

We spoke to five more artists to find out about their music, and the imminent festival.

Yang Jooyoung

Singer-songwriter Yang Jooyoung will be playing Zandari Festa for the first time this year, he told us why he’s excited to be joining the lineup.

Why are you excited to be a part of Zandari Festa 2016?
I’m really excited about being able play at an event that features so many musicians with lots of character and talent from many different genres of music.

What can people expect from Yang Jooyoung’s Zandari Festa 2016 showcase?
I think that recently our group’s synergy has gotten a lot stronger and because of that, people can expect a very good performance. I hope everyone enjoys our joyful singing and energy.

Aside from Yang Jooyoung, who is one other band that people should try to watch at Zandari Festa 2016?
Everyone should try and catch Reverse N Rebirth. My favourite guitarist is a member of that band. Unchained are a really great band too.

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Dark Mirror ov Tragedy

Dark Mirror ov Tragedy are a ‘Dark symphonic metal’ from Seoul, and are completely different to anyone else we’ve featured in our series of Zandari Lineup interviews. Guitarist Senyt told us what we can expect from Dark Mirror ov Tragedy at Zandari 

Why are you excited to be a part of Zandari Festa 2016?
Zandari is one of the biggest showcase festivals in the world. It’s got a great schedule, excellent and clever staff, and lots of fascinating bands to enjoy. Everything about the Zandari Festa weekend is perfect.

What can people expect from Dark Mirror ov Tragedy’s Zandari Festa 2016 showcase?
Last month, we had a tour with Anaal Nathrakh, who are a British industrial black metal band. Zandari Festa will be our first show since finishing the tour. That tour was really good for us, and I think people can expect to see a more elaborate performance from us at Zandari Festa because of it.

Aside from Dark Mirror ov Tragedy, who is one other band that people should try to watch at Zandari Festa 2016?
There are some metal bands at Zandari that people should watch. Especially, we really recommend Noeazy because last month they won third place at Emergenza in Germany. Do yourself a favour and check out this incredible band.

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Trio Smalltown will be taking to the stage at Zandari for the first time this year. Guitarist and vocalist Daehee Kim tells us about the Smalltown sound.

Why are you excited to be a part of Zandari Festa 2016?
We just released our first album in June 2016. Zandari Festa will be a good opportunity for us to share our music with new listeners and to show them our performance.

What can people expect from Smalltown’s Zandari Festa 2016 showcase?
Catchy melodies, youthful minds, and a simple rock sound.

Aside from Smalltown, who is one other band that people should try to watch at Zandari Festa 2016?You Amanda

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Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5

Although we didn’t see them play we couldn’t help but notice Glasgow band Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 at Liverpool Sound City. Colonel John Thomas McMustard tells us about their links to the 88 Olympics, and their plans for Seoul.

Why are you excited to be a part of Zandari Festa 2016?
Most of us have never travelled to South Korea before, but some have and we love the vibrancy and happiness from the people. We think that what the Dijon 5 do will connect and resonate with the audience. Peace and love are fundamental. We met the fantastic South Korean band Dead Buttons and got to watch them in Liverpool and loved their set. It’s great that artists all over the world get a chance to bridge the gaps through the most universally powerful force known to humanity – music. Do not underestimate it.

What made you want to apply to perform at the festival?
We are friends and fans of Liverpool Sound City and some of the Zandari people enjoyed our Sound City performance. We felt that in order to progress what we do musically and creatively it was time to move forward and this opportunity is one we grabbed with both hands. We are hungry to play to new audiences and we have heard amazing things about Zandari, we cannot wait!

Will this be your first time playing in South Korea?
Yes and definitely not the last, although Craig in the band’s dad was a representative of Great Britain in the 1988 Seoul Olympics. He was the 7th best shot putter of all time. They called him putty putty!

What can audiences in Seoul expect from your Zandari Festa 2016 showcase?
A band that can connect and interact with audiences throughout the world and find a common ground through good old fashioned entertainment, but something much deeper, a desire to be happy and laugh and enjoy and appreciate the good things in life.

There are many members in Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5? How many will be able to fly to Seoul for Zandari Festa?
We have 16 in total and 13 will be coming to Zandari. Forget superstition this is going to be amazing! We may well end up with 100 people on stage because our audience is the band and vice versa!

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Sweet Revenge

All girl rock band Sweet Revenge will be bringing their unique sound to Zandari for the third time this year. Drummer Hyun A Jang tells us about their upcoming single and their love of the festival.

Why are you excited to be a part of Zandari Festa 2016?
We’re very happy to perform at Zandari Festa again.  It’s a really fun weekend filled with lots of great music, and we always look forward to all parts of the festival.

What can people expect from Sweet Revenge’s Zandari Festa 2016 showcase?
We’re releasing a new single album on September 23 and we’ll be playing some new songs for the first time at Zandari Festa.  Please come check out our new music at the festival!

Aside from Sweet Revenge, who is one other band that people should try to watch at Zandari Festa 2016?
I strongly recommend that all fest-goers try their best to catch Romance Tap’s Zandari Festa showcase.

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Zandari Festa 2016 will take place from September 30 – October 3 and will see more than 150 acts performing at 10 venues to an enthusiastic crowd of music fans, journalists, and industry professionals.
Featuring four days packed with showcases from fantastic homegrown and international acts, this year’s Zandari Festa promises to be the most exciting edition of the festival yet!


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Lineup Additions:

April 2nd, Tierpark, DARK MIRROR OV TRAGEDY, Combative Post, Les Sales, Wings of the ISANG, smalltown, yang jooyoung, Ruber Stick, Bluepaprika, Romance Tap, Sweet Revenge, Kill3r-k (South Africa), SALBATTLE (Japan), PJJ (Japan), The Steve McQueens (Singapore), Linying (Singapore), Hatti Vatti (Poland), Sato Yukie and Momoiro Ageha (Japan)

Complete Lineup:

57, Kanari Soda, Galaxy Express, Goonam, Kwon Tree, Grey Watson with the Vision [US], Gigantic Roar [TW], Kim Sawol X Kim Haewon, Night Marks Electric Trio [PL], You are Amanda, Nature airliner [JP], NaturalKillers [JP], Nametag, NST & The Soul Sauce, NOEAZY, Diealright, DARK MIRROR OV TRAGEDY, Danpyunsun and the Sailors, The New Investors [DK] The Monotones, The Veggers, The Steve McQueens [SG], Dead Buttons, Dog Last Page, Drinking boys and girls choir, Deer [MX] DTSQ, Lass [PL] Love X Stereo, REDDOT, Les Sales, LayBricks, LAZYBONE, Romantiqua, Romance Tap, Rosa Vertov [PL] Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio, LudiSTELO, Ruber Stick, Look and Listen, Rom306, Linying [SG] Reverse N Rebirth, MASAFUMI KAWAMOTO [JP] Mateusz Franczak [PL], The March Kings, Magnolian [MN], Manoid [PL], Max [US], Monoban, Very Very Good Life, The Barberettes, Vassline, Bat Bangers [KH], Burning Hepburn, Biuret, Blue Turtle Land, Bluepaprika, B9, Big Baby Driver Trio, Billy Carter, Light and Noise, Southway [GB] SALBATTLE [JP], Sato Yukie and Momoiro Ageha [JP] Say Sue Me, Smalltown, Swiimers, Sweet Revenge, SKASUCKS, STREETGUNS, Shin Seol Hee, ASEUL, Asianchairshot, A’zbus, I Wear* Experiment [EE], ironic HUE, AKUA, AHNDAYOUNG, Adam Sullivan and The Trees [US], Yang Jooyoung, Amazing Visual, UHNELLYS [JP], An Honest Mistake [MY], Unchained, Ego Function Error, The Essence, ABTB, April 2nd, Odaeri, WA Rubbers [JP], …Whatever That Means, Ooberfuse [GB], we hate jh, 1TON, Wasted Johnny’s, Wings of the ISANG, Earip, EE, insert coin, eat roses [FR] Djang San [FR], National Pigeon Unity, J-Brothers, j and the 9s [US], Jujumo [KP] Theatre8, Julia Dream, jindalrae band, The Choppers, Green Flame Boys, Karo Su [PL], The CowChips, Cosovel [PL], Solonel Mustard & The Dijon 5, Crying Nut, KIRARA, Kill3r-k [ZA], Kingston Rudieska, Takako Tate [JP] T.A-COPY, Tehiun, Terako Terao E [JP], TENGGER, Telefly, 24Hours, twomyung, Tidanomiyuki [JP], Tirikilatops, Tierpark, PAKK, Paranoid City [PH], PATiENTS, PHONEBOOTH, Pola Rose [PL], Blue Stream, FULL GARAGE, Peonies [ID], PJJ [JP], pete jung elec band, Pigibit5, Victim Mentality, Hatti Vatti [PL], Hollow Jan, Harry Bigbutton, Hasiken [JP], Hays [RU], Hellivision, Sons of Tiger, howaho, Honggap



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