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Zandari Festa has announced the five British acts that will play their Sound City showcase ‘special stage’ in just a few weeks time. 

The annual event takes place in Seoul’s Hongdae area, the epicentre of youth culture in South Korea and ground zero for the country’s indie music scene. Each Autumn, Zandari Festa brings together acts and music industry professionals from around the world for concerts and conferences at a number of unique venues around Hongdae. One wristband allows festival-goers access to all of Zandari Festa’s shows.

The Sound City Takeover looks set to be impressive. We spoke to three of the groups playing the showcase, and Sound City’s CEO to find out what we might be able to expect from the special stage.


Atlas Wynd

Atlas Wynd were the start to BritROK‘s weekend at Liverpool Sound City this year, as we caught part of their set before heading to the main stage for Dead Buttons. The garage rock duo hail from the North East of England, though are based in Brighton. Atlas Wynd have a familiar feeling, something that cements their skill – they’re a brilliant example of the gems you can find at Sound City and we’re sure they’ll be a hit at Zandari.
Drummer Harry Sotnick tells us about the name Atlas Wynd, and what excites him about going to Korea.

Will Zandari Festa be your first time playing in Asia?

Yeah, Zandari Festa is the first time either of us have had the chance to travel to Asia. We feel really fortunate that we’ve been given this opportunity!

Why are you excited about going to Seoul to play at Zandari Festa?

Seoul is somewhere I’ve really wanted to go for a number of years, I have a massive interest in eSports as a whole and Seoul is the mecca for it. I can’t wait to immerse myself in the culture and to take it all in.

What’s something all Zandari fest-goers should know about Atlas Wynd?

Atlas Wynd is pronounced with a ‘Y’ sound and not an ‘I’ sound. A lot of people pronounce it Atlas Wind, which is wrong.

Aside from performing, what’s the next most important thing on your to-do list at Zandari Festa?

We want to explore as much as possible, we just want to see as much of Seoul as we can!

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I Set The Sea On Fire

I Set the Sea on Fire aptly played The Tall Ship stage at this year’s Sound City Festival. We caught the beginning of their set and were certainly intrigued. Noted to be ‘THE alternative band to watch in Sheffield’ the group combine elements of hip hop, funk and grunge with the more ‘traditional’ indie rock sounds.
Vocalist and bass player Pete Jenkins tells us what he hopes their trip to South Korea will bring for the band.

Will Zandari Festa be your first time playing in Asia?

Yes, in fact we’ve never played outside of the UK before! We’re very proud to make South Korea our first (and hopefully not the last) step in international shows. We’ve been playing as a band for going on seven years, and we feel this is a massive step for us as a band, and we’re look forward to bringing everything we’ve got to Seoul.

Why are you excited about going to Seoul to play at Zandari Festa?

We’re so excited to be a part of the festival; it’s such an incredible opportunity for any band and an amazing platform for smaller bands to be discovered by a completely new audience that would be really hard to reach without Sound City or Zandari Festa. We’re looking forward to representing the UK’s wide music scene in such a wonderful city that we can’t wait to explore and we can only hope the festival will open doors to more exciting opportunities whether these are in South Korea or not.

What’s something all Zandari fest-goers should know about I Set the Sea on Fire?

We’re a loud six-piece alternative rock/funk band who have grown from a two-piece seven years ago. We annoy all our friends by singing harmonies to every song they play, and Meg screamed for joy at work when she found out we were going to South Korea.

Aside from performing, what’s the next most important thing on your to-do list at Zandari Festa?

Meeting people who work in the international music scene, other bands and music lovers from around the world. You’ll find us most days watching new bands around the festival and finding our next favourite artist. Obviously the inevitable beer and our favourite game of table football and pool will have to fit in somewhere though.

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She Drew The Gun

She Drew the Gun hit The Tall Ship stage at Sound City this year as 57 played the Cargo Stage, so we unfortunately missed them play, but we’ve heard nothing but good things about them. Liverpudlians She Drew The Gun describe their music as ‘Impassioned, hypnotic and darkly ornate psych-pop’. Front-woman Louisa Roach delivers poetic, evocative lyrics that has their music make a deep impression.
Louisa talks nights in Shanghai, time travel, and soju with BritROK.

Will Zandari Festa be your first time playing in Asia?

Yes, although I did end up getting up with the house band at Malone’s bar on a night out in Shanghai one time, but as a band this will be our first time playing in Asia.

Why are you excited about going to Seoul to play at Zandari Festa?

We’ve been lucky enough to get to play our tunes in a few countries, but Seoul is somewhere we never dreamed we’d get to reach out to. It’s boss to see how new audiences react to the tunes, everywhere is slightly different, and Seoul is our most exciting trip yet. It looks like an unbelievable place, we’re totally intrigued.

What’s something all Zandari fest-goers should know about She Drew the Gun?

There’s a rumour that the idea for the band began when a group of outlaw scientists from the future found a way to contact Louisa and asked her to tell their story, if you come to the show you might see what we mean.

Aside from performing, what’s the next most important thing on your to-do list at Zandari Festa?

Just taking in the sights and sounds of the city and catching as many bands as we can, trying soju will be high on the list too.

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David Pichilingi, Sound City CEO

The Sound City takeover at Zandari Festa wouldn’t be possible without David Pichilingi – the man behind the urban Liverpool music festival. Much like Zandari’s Dalse, David is a man who’s reputation precedes him. If you ever spot him at Sound City he is almost guaranteed to be surrounded by musicians and festival goers giving him both literal and figurative pats on the back for everything he’s done for the city’s music scene.
David Pichilingi told us more about the Sound City link with Zandari Festa.

You’ve been attending Zandari Festa for the past few years.  What keeps you wanting to return to Seoul for the fest each autumn?

First and foremost, the amazing people there. Seoul is one of the friendliest places I have ever been to. There is a real passion and energy that the city and the people exude. Beyond that, I think Zandari is a wonderful place to see some of the most amazing bands coming out of the country. Zandari’s Executive Director, Dalse, and his team definitely deliver a top-notch event year after year.

Liverpool Sound City took several acts to Korea to perform their own showcases at Zandari Festa ’15.  This year acts will be playing a special Sound City-curated showcase at the event.  How did the idea for the Sound City Takeover at Zandari Festa showcase come about?  What can fest-goers expect from the showcase?

The showcase came about after a long night of eating great food and drinking too much soju with my friend and ally Dalse. I believe that Korea and the Asian territories are a massive opportunity for British artists and also this could be a great opportunity for British and Korean artists to meet and potentially collaborate on commercial projects that can be mutually beneficial.

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Zandari Festa 2016 will take place from September 30 – October 3 and will see more than 150 acts performing at 10 venues to an enthusiastic crowd of music fans, journalists, and industry professionals.
Featuring four days packed with showcases from fantastic homegrown and international acts, this year’s Zandari Festa promises to be the most exciting edition of the festival yet!


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