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We’re bringing back the beauty of Indie to UnitedKpop and to kick off the segment, we have the funky and amazingly named Cassette Schwarzenegger to get us fired up.

Though seemingly having disappeared from the music scene, Cassette Schwarzenegger remains a personal favourite. The duo team up crazy fashion with funky futuristic beats in what they call ‘electro-disco-punk’. The vocals are manned by Mik whilst the producing is crafted by Edi Volcano.

Their music feels very 80s, whilst simultaneously catapulting us into the future – and it is an awesome ride. There has yet to be a day where I’ll hear a Cassette Schwarzenegger song and not dance along.

L: Mik R: Volcano

L: Mik R: Edi Volcano

Not surprisingly, the duo received great press; multiple big indie blogs picked up their music, their PLAY music video was a Vimeo staff pick and they’ve even collaborated with Vice Magazine’s Creators Project. And all for a good reason.

They debuted with PLAY back in 2010 and followed it up with their first album ‘Gym With You‘ in 2012 after much delay, bringing more catchy dance worthy numbers.

Besides the awesome music and the fantastic name, one of the best things about Cassette Schwarzenegger is their music videos. Psychedelic animations jam packed with colour and excitement, you’ll most definitely be entertained. But enough from us, let their music speak for itself and check out their tracks below.

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And if you like what you heard, you can still purchase their music on iTunes here.


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