SALTNPAPER (MYK) covers Coldplay’s Yellow


One-man-band SALTNPAPER has shared a video of him covering Coldplay’s Yellow. SALTNPAPER, otherwise known as MYK (full name Michael Y. Kim), found recognition as a rapper, signed to Epik High’s former Map The Soul independent label.

MYK has long been a fan of British rock acts, such as Coldplay, many of his  performances often including covers by such groups.

A previous cover by the indie artist saw him take on Ed Sheeran’s Photograph. 

October marked the release of SALTNPAPER’s second full album. Awe Fin features fifteen original tracks penned by MYK; and despite his Indie status you can stream the entire album for free on YouTube.

Awe Fin is also available to purchase on iTunes; the more people that purchase music, the more music independent artists are able to make.


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