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March 8th is International Women’s Day, so what better day to highlight some of Indie’s inspiring females?

Indie music scenes across the world are packed with women. Great women whose music is exceptional. Women who are often overshadowed by their male contemporaries. Women who are often mentioned first for their looks before their talent. BritROK can’t list them all, but here are some of our favourite females.

Annie Ko – Love X Stereo

Annie’s attitude to the world and music industry show off her strength as an artist and a woman. With the punk undertones of Love X Stereo, it doesn’t seem surprising that Annie (and Toby) aren’t silent about their views on social issues. The lives of Love X Stereo are often motivated by their morality – from their presence at political protests to their much-loved pet dog saved from a horrific fate. 

We salute Annie Ko 

Louisa Roach – She Drew the Gun

Every song you hear by She Drew the Gun is filled with thought provoking lyrics surrounding political and social issues. Louisa’s vocal storytelling draws you into the dark truths of lives and inequality. She Drew the Gun summed up International Women’s Day well with the following message:

To all the ladies, that gave voice, that sang of things that spoke to us, that made us cry for injustice, or just want something more than this that spat the rhymes, that wrote their truth that rapped of hopes for me and you, that gave with heart to comfort all or disturb what we’d settled for

thank you

We salute Louisa Roach

Hyejin Yu – LayBricks

Hyejin is quiet and seemingly shy, but when she takes to the stage to play the drums, and sing backing vocals for Kwangmin Seo, any hint of her self-consciousness is lost. The power that music seems has for Hyejin and the transformation you see when she plays is incredibly inspiring.

We salute Hyejin Yu

Kayley “Hell Kitten” Davies – Sky Valley Mistress

Kayley is everything you want a female rocker to be. With her strong vocals, a killer mane perfect for headbanging, and a say it as you see it attitude Kayley captures attention well. In a world where women are judged for every single aspect of their existence the freedom and carefree stage presence of Kayley feels refreshing.

We Salute Kayley Davies

Bom Carrot – Tirikilatops

Bomi’s creativity is boundless. Her out-of-the-box thinking and energy is infectious and instantly warming. The outwardly strange persona of Bomi displays an easily enviable carefree attitude. Zany visual included, Bomi is the kind of person everyone should want to be – welcoming, open-minded, and strongly individual.

We salute Bom Carrot

Kook Kook Kim – Ego Fuction Error

Kook Kook is the only physically male member of Ego Function Error, but is just as important to our list. Kim dresses as a female on stage due to a love of pretty things and a desire to be beautiful. The presence of this gender fluidity in a punk band is a strong comment on defying what is expected and accepted where gender is concerned.

We salute Kook Kook Kim


BritROK salutes every self-identifying woman today, and every day. Find your strength and your voice and make a difference, whether it be to one person or one million.



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