PATiENTS kicked off their tour in Chester last night, and it’s the start of a busy week for the hybrid punk trio. Next up is Manchester; followed by stops at Witchurch, Liverpool Sound City, London and Worthing.

This is the third time the punks of PATiENTS have played in the UK, so we decided to skip the interview small talk and delve deeper into their world – and their suitcases!


Questions answered by vocalist & bass player Sumin Jo unless otherwise stated

Tell us about your five favourite memories from previous UK visits

– We stayed on Vulcan Street in Liverpool during our 2014 UK Tour. We tried really hard to properly pronounce the word ‘vulcan’ but couldn’t say it and nobody understand us when we told them where we were staying, not even taxi drivers!
– In 2014, we ended our UK tour by playing a house party in London at a place called Astbury Castle. We performed in the kitchen and the audience was amazing. I never imagined that I’d see people crowd surfing and moshing in there. It was so much fun!

– When we played at Liverpool Sound City in 2015, one of our sets took place on the Heineken Tall Ship. It was a really, really tall ship. It was such a cool experience to play on it.
– Gigwise picked our Liverpool Sound City 2015 performance on the Cavern Stage as one of the 17 best things about the festival. There was lots of awesome things to see, do, and hear at last year’s Liverpool Sound City so we were so happy when we saw that we had been chosen as one of the highlights at such an amazing event.
– Getting to make new friends and meet so many cool music fans! During our 2014 and 2015 UK tours, we met lots of new people. And some of the friends we’ve met have since come to Korea on vacation and watched us play in Seoul too. That made us really happy.

What are the five most essential items you pack when travelling to the UK on tour?

– A power adaptor plug. This is very important … unless you want to do nothing but acoustic sets!
– Band stickers
– A very cool jacket to protect you against the unpredictability of the UK’s weather.
-A bunch of very cool T-shirts to protect you against the unpredictability of the UK’s weather.
-A very cool looking and comfortable pair of shoes to do lots of walking and protect you against the unpredictability of the UK’s weather!

patientstourShare with us five things you plan to do when visiting the UK this time

– Play awesome shows in Chester, Manchester, Whitchurch, Liverpool, London, and Worthing.
– See some cool exhibitions like “Francis Bacon: Invisible Room” at Tate Liverpool.
– Go shopping.
– Watch some shows by other bands.
– Have a great time with all the wonderful music lovers in the UK.

Which artists do you want to see play at Liverpool Sound City?

Hyuckjang Kwon: Circa Waves
Soowon Choi: Catfish and the Bottlemen
Sumin Jo: Chelou, Pete Doherty, and lots of bands we don’t know. It’s always super fun to discover great new music!

The five proudest moments in your musical career are … 

– PATiENTS winning a prize from EBS Hello Rookie and being chosen to perform at the awards’ final competition ceremony.
– Releasing our ‘Kitsch Space’ album in 2011
– Releasing our ‘18’ album in 2015
– Playing a headlining concert at Sangsang Madang in Seoul in 2015
– Being invited to perform at Liverpool Sound City three years in a row!

You’re preparing two new tracks; what can we expect from your new music?

You can expect to hear some cool new sounds that will hopefully make you want to dance! We’ll be playing our new songs in the UK. We hope everyone likes them.

How have you adapted to your new line up – has there been any challenges?

Soowon joined the band at the beginning of the year. I think we have great chemistry together and I’m really happy with the music we’re making together right now. Our upcoming UK tour will be his first time traveling abroad with PATiENTS so please come out and meet him! We hope to see all of you really soon.

Finish the following:

My favourite movie is: Toy Story.
Right now I’m addicted to: cool gigs.
The one thing I couldn’t live without is: true love.
The ultimate Club Steel Face headliner would be: any Korean musicians who make and play their own unique music.
The best advice I have ever been given is: just enjoy yourself.
The one PATiENTS song you must listen to is: ‘Sipalsegi.’


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