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Alternate Listening Tuesday this week takes a look at a project production by RAINSTONE. Rainstone, who’s real name is Woo S. Rhee, is a producer, songwriter, and Senior Vice President of JYPE USA. After...


[ALT] BrandNew Music

For Alternate Listening Tuesday we’re celebrating BrandNew Music with a playlist. Last week BrandNew Music announced their global open auditions. Open to all ages, genders, and nationalities the company is looking for someone who’s...


[ALT] San E

Alternate Listening Tuesday this week features a rapper we saw when we featured the Woollim producers, Rphabet. San E last year made the move from JYP Entertainment to BrandNew Music, and has been flying high ever since. 



Today Alternate Listening Tuesday features a producer whose name you may only have heard of dependant on having listened to artists on the BrandNew Music roster, ASSBRASS. Even if you haven’t heard of him if...


[ALT] Rphabet – The Woollim Producers

Alternate Listening Tuesday now comes to you as a backstage pass to alternative artists in the world of Kpop. These might be collaborators, producers, writers – you name it, they could be here.