Years & Years release remix featuring SHINee’s Key


British synthpop band, Years & Years, have released a remix of their single ‘If You’re Over Me’ featuring SHINee’s Key. 


Years & Years, an electropop group combining elements of R&B and 90s house music, consists of former Skin’s actor Olly Alexander, Mikey Goldsworth and Türkmen.

‘If You’re Over Me’ comes from their second studio album ‘Palo Santo’ and reached the top 10 in the UK when released on May 10th 2018. ‘Palo Santo’ creates an interesting narrative soundscape, featuring a dystopian world in which Androids are the majority, humans the minority.

The remix of the track sees Key contribute lyrics in both English and Korean to the already catchy track. A notable collaboration between a popular British band and a popular kpop idol, the pairing seems obvious given the similarities in style an experimentation between the two groups.

Fans of both groups have been supportive and excited about the surprise collaboration, though SHINee fans have been understandably confused as to why SM Entertainment has not mentioned the remix despite SHINee currently promoting their music.

Years & Years, particularly Alexander, use their publicity to speak about important issues such as HIV screening, anti-LGBT bullying initiatives, and mental health (particularly among the gay community) – this could be a motivator for SM to downplay the collaboration as most entertainment companies in South Korea avoid subjects such as LGBTQ+ rights and mental health due to the still existing stigmas in the country. As a vocal supporter of LGBTQ+ culture and community and given his experiences with mental health, both personally and with his closest friends, Key was the perfect choice to work with the group.



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